Aluminum panels / Premium Plus +

A revolution in the sectional door area. For years, we have developed an aluminum panel to offer our customers a product that stands out for maximum stability and very exclusive appearance. This high level of stability is achieved by a double-walled aluminum panel whose wall thickness of 2 mm is far above today's standard.

Aluminum 2 mm thickness

As standard, the patented AluForce system has been used in sectional doors from Frankentore since 2014.

The stability in the 50 mm wide panels is enhanced by additional 2 mm thick intermediate webs. The CFC-free PUR foam in the individual chambers ensures optimal insulation. Another advantage of our patented panels is the hingeless attachment. A development of our engineers.


Through a special suspension mechanism, we have the stability over the entire width of the panels, not as conventional only in the areas of the center hinges. This is precisely why the panels without stiffening profiles can be used without hesitation on the south side.


The surface treatment is a double-sided powder coating, which is available finely structured in different RAL colors. The standard colors are RAL 9016 traffic white, RAL 9006 white aluminum, RAL 9007 gray aluminum, RAL 7016 anthracite gray and, for the special taste, matt anodised aluminum. Of course, a finger trap protection is always guaranteed between the panels.


Our panels generally run on ball-bearing double castors - these guarantee more stability and a very quiet door.

How much does an aluminum garage door cost?

Your new sectional door is custom made and carefully assembled! Let us therefore create an individual offer from us. Our experts advise you extensively and free of charge on all models, prices and warranty services.

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