Product benefits

Highest flexibility (pro + / base +)
Thanks to separate control housing at pro + for flexible wall or ceiling mounting. There is no need to install another outlet on the ceiling. The integrated button in the control housing offers additional comfort in the garage.

Security through encrypted radio system
The garage door operator with bidirectional, rolling, encrypted radio system offers the highest level of security. The SOMloq2 radio system transmits bidirectionally, which means that feedback can be received via the sent command or the gate position. The rolling code is encrypted with 128-bit, the same encryption is used in online banking. Backward compatibility of the transmitters to the Somloq rolling code radio system is always given.


Numerous extensions
Also included are useful enhancements such as Memo memory expansion, Senso humidity sensor and numerous other accessory modules. Additional connection options are located directly on the carriage (wicket door contact and safety contact strip OSE or 8k2). Thanks to our modular principle, extensions can be installed quickly and easily. Since the connections are directly on the carriage, no spiral cables are necessary, so you save time and money, through less work.


Battery pack in case of power failure
During a power failure, the drive can be operated with our battery pack and your gate will never stand still.


Limitation of closing forces
The system monitors the closing forces in accordance with EN 12445 by means of electronic engine monitoring. This control mechanism generates maximum security.


Emergency release
The integrated SUMMER emergency release system allows the carriage to be engaged and disengaged at any position. This ensures safety in any position, even in the event of a power failure.


Environmental and cost efficiency
The energy-saving drive with a power consumption of <1 Watt in standby only causes about 1.80 € in electricity costs per year. It is not only inexpensive, but also very environmentally friendly.


Safety by moving lights
The carriage has an integrated lighting system that allows a constantly lit danger area. The LED lighting is equipped with 6 individual LEDs, which are connected to two safety circuits - Double is known to be better.


Smooth and durable
Thanks to gear-saving technology, the garage door drive is extremely quiet, low-wear and has a very long service life. The drive is completely maintenance-free.


Optimal use of force
The motor stroller moves on a tightened chain, so that neither friction loss nor loss of power as in a revolving chain occur.


Clean chain
The nickel-plated chain is maintenance-free and does not need to be oiled. Stains on the gate or vehicle are thus excluded.


Improved fire protection
Due to its low flammability, the drive offers a higher safety factor and protects against fire development.


Universal use - compatible with almost all door types
The garage door operators base + and pro + are suitable for sectional doors, overhead doors, overhead doors, overhead doors, swing gates, side sectional doors, all-round doors and sliding gates on buildings. You can achieve optimized door parameters with a simple DIP switch function directly on the drive.

Which drive fits my garage?

The range of electronic garage door operators is large. Finding the model that fits your own garage is usually not that easy. We're here to help!

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