Your safety is our priority

The basic construction of a sectional door offers significantly more protection against burglars than garage doors made of wood or plastic. Frankentor goes one step further: for every garage door, regardless of the price, we use 5 mm thick aluminum! The lamellas are produced by extrusion - ie in one piece - and thus offer virtually no surface for typical burglary tool. The security against burglary in a Frankfurt gate is further enhanced by the active motor retraction protection, the highly stable motor rail and the 5 mm thick side rails.

Aluminum sectional doors offer high security!

Finger trap protection, fall protection, internal cable guide and derailment-proof guide rails are just a few of the features of our extensive safety package, which is part of the standard equipment at each of our doors

Our sectional doors stop immediately if they hit an obstacle when closing.

Finger protection outside and inside. The intelligent design prevents accidental intervention. The fingers are gently pushed aside.

A sectional door offers many advantages: As it does not swing, there is more space in and in front of the garage. Cars can be parked close to the garage. For example, the second car also fits in a short driveway. In addition, an automatic sectional door can be opened by remote control without getting out. You can drive directly into the garage and stay dry even in the rain. Last but not least, children can be played with a clear conscience in front of the goal ball, because modern sectional doors of Frankentore, are characterized by numerous security mechanisms. Between the individual door elements a clamping protection ensures that fingers can hardly be squeezed.

Aluminum sectional door

Over door

How much does a safe garage door cost?

Your new sectional door is custom made and carefully assembled! Let us therefore create an individual offer from us. Our experts advise you extensively and free of charge on all models, prices and warranty services.

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