Intelligent drive with separate control housing

The innovation for garage doors

The new SOMMER pro + is the innovative further development of the successful duo vision concept. The separate control housing offers even more flexibility and comfort.

Universal and individual:

  • Separate control housing mountable in three variants

  • Use existing sockets

  • A drive for all types of doors

  • Gear-conserving technology for a long service life

  • High-quality chain without friction loss, re-tensioning or oils

  • Energy saving: <1 watt standby (about 1.80 € electricity costs per year)

  • High self-locking and active burglary protection

A drive like no other.

Track unit

With the basic unit rail unit sectional doors can be opened up to a height of 2,500 mm, overhead doors up to 2,750 mm height. With a rail extension (available as an accessory), even higher doors can be opened.


  • galvanized, nickel plated and high quality chain

  • Wear and maintenance-free, spring-loaded with high tensile strength


  • Certified limitation of closing forces according to EN 12445 by electronic engine monitoring

ceiling mount

  • Easy to install and variable

Separate control housing

  • mountable in 3 variants

  • existing socket available

  • Mounting on wall or ceiling possible

  • For wall-mounted interior pushbutton in comfortable proximity to the exit door

The SUMMER pro + combines our most advanced garage door control with the flexibility of a separate control box. The housing can be mounted separately in three versions (rear, front or on the ceiling) so that existing sockets can be used and you can choose the highest possible individual comfort. This is how our drive becomes your drive.

Which model fits my garage?

The range of electronic garage door operators is large. Finding the model that fits your own garage is usually not that easy. We're here to help!

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